Armani: Nobu Milan | social illustration

he project created for Nobu Milano, Armani’s Japanese restaurant, consists of a series of conceptual illustrations aimed at promoting the company’s social channels.

The illustrations were created with the aim of representing the sushi dishes offered by the restaurant in an appealing and inviting way. Each illustration highlights a different dish, using a distinctive and eye-catching visual style to capture viewers’ attention.

Bright and contrasting colors are used to create visual impact and stimulate viewers’ appetites.

The main objective of the illustrations is to promote Nobu Milano’s social channels by creating visually appealing content to be shared on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Newsletters. Illustrations could be used for regular social media publications, to announce special offers, promote new dishes, or simply share the dining experience offered by Nobu Milano with the online community.

To promuore the illustrations, a video of the creative process was made inside the restaurant, thus being able to have an evocative image of both the artwork and the place where the dishes were created.

Client: Giorgio Armani
Nobu Milano Art
Type: cover illustration
Year: 2022


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