Bamburger Vicenza | women's day illustration

Illustration on Women’s Day made for Bamburger Vicenza.
The image is celebratory of women and support and is intended to show unity among women of any ethnicity, religion or background.
With a retro style, the architecture of the design features curvy, teardrop shapes characteristic of the 1960s.
Since 2022, the work has been put up for auction at the headquarters of Viva Vittoria, an association that organizes activities to raise awareness against violence against women.
The color palette used focuses on shades of blue/green and orange/yellow.

Project: Women’s Day
Type: Furniture
Customer: Bamburger
Year: 2019


CMYK 36 0 6 29

CMYK 96 6 0 45

CMYK 0 19 60 10

CMYK 0 50 100 0

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