Behind | illustration contest

This illustration for the “Hello” contest held by Tapirulan conceptually represents what lies behind a greeting, capturing the facade of each person. The image shows a majestic palace, highlighted with a combination of blue and yellow colors, echoing the complementary colors.

Each window in the building reveals a different scene or situation, offering a glimpse into the lives of the people living inside. These windows are arranged evenly along the facade, creating a sense of variety and diversity.

The image as a whole is meant to represent the idea that there is much more behind every greeting than what appears superficially. Each person, like the building with its windows, hides a multitude of stories, experiences, and facets that can only be glimpsed or appreciated through deeper connection.

The use of complementary blue and yellow colors adds a vibrant harmony to the illustration, highlighting the duality of emotions and experiences behind each individual’s greetings.

Project: tapirulan competition
Typology: architecture and furniture
Year: 2019


CMYK 62 28 0 78

CMYK 27 0 7 36

CMYK 0 22 54 5

CMYK 0 57 34 61

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