NIght Life | personal illustration

Illustration depicts a scene evoking a sensual atmosphere. In the center of the image is a man standing, leaning toward a woman sitting on a sofa.

The man, with an intense gaze, leans toward the woman with an air of desire or affection. His posture indicates an intimate and engaging interaction with the woman.

The atmosphere of the illustration is enveloped in an aura of intimacy, with obvious chemistry between the man and the woman. The details of their clothing and facial expressions can help further define the overall atmosphere of the image.

It is a scene that captures the essence of an intimate and seductive moment between two people, with the mix of colors and details contributing to a feeling of warmth and passion.

The leaves are deep green, with details reminiscent of the lush jungle wilderness.

Typology: personal illustration
Year: 2021


CMYK 55 0 31 57

CMYK 0 13 24 0

CMYK 47 0 9 86

CMYK 0 13 24 4

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