NIght Life | personal illustration

Sensual illustration on nightlife, The scene is set in a city at night, with a vibrant atmosphere and an explosion of deep red colors.
Overall, it captures the essence of urban nighttime animation, inviting you to immerse yourself in a fascinating and sensual world where red is the protagonist and the vibrant atmosphere leaves room for imagination.

Red is the predominant color and creates a strong visual impact in the illustration. It is a color associated with various emotions and meanings, including passion, energy, vitality and intrigue.

In addition to red, there are other colors that contribute to the vividness of the image. For example, there are shades of orange, pink, purple and blue that are mixed together and create a varied color palette. These colors are often used to emphasize the nighttime atmosphere and add a touch of mystery and charm to the overall image.

Typology: personal illustration
Year: 2021


CMYK 0 80 68 18

CMYK 0 59 49 80

CMYK 47 65 0 57

CMYK 0 15 25 0

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