Sophia's Key No. 10 | illustration magazine

Illustration created for issue 10 of Sophia’s Key magazine, “the need to think.”
Increasingly marginalized and trivialized, philosophy needs to be rediscovered as that ability to develop critical thinking that aims to respond to contemporary man’s own urgent need for meaning.
We still need Philosophy.
A philosophy that is first and foremost not a knowledge, but an attitude, the attitude of one who never stops asking questions and questioning all answers that seem definitive.

Philosophy therefore should no longer be relevant only in high schools or universities, but should accompany all of us in our existence, becoming a glimpse into our lives and the world.
We need to think, or rather to train ourselves to think: that way it is possible to develop a critical spirit, a focus on what we are told and what we in turn say, in order to live our daily lives with awareness.

Project: The Need to Think No. 10
Type: magazine cover illustration
Client: Sophia’s Key
Year: 2020


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