Il Sole 24 Ore | insert illustration

Plus24 is an insert of Sole 24 Ore that focuses on finance and savings.
I made the cover for the June 20, 2020 issue: The flight of the stock exchanges at the quarterly test.
Attention is drawn to the financial bubble and its fragility through an analogy with a famous game from the 1990s, Jenga.
The color palette used is very warm in the objects unrelated to the subject, while favoring shades of green and blue on the finance-related aspects.

Project: Plus 24
Type: insert illustration
Client: Il Sole 24 Ore
Art director:
Adriano Attus
Year: 2020


CMYK 0 33 72 9

CMYK 0 63 79 25

CMYK 100 0 55 45

CMYK 100 11 0 34

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