The Republic | cover illustration

In the special issue of @health_eu attached to La Repubblica “Good healthcare beyond the emergency”

The illustration opens with the striking backdrop of Palermo Cathedral, which emerges majestically in the landscape. Its impressive and detailed architecture captures attention, evoking a sense of history and cultural importance.

In the foreground, a man lands with a peculiar parachute: shaped like a mask. This symbolic element is representative of the importance of protective and preventive measures against Covid-19. The mask-shaped parachute emphasizes the concept of safety and health, drawing attention to the central theme of the article.

The choice of color palette calls for shades of red, black and white.

The use of these color tones helps to create a strong visual impact and draw the reader’s attention to the importance of good health care and protective practices in the context of emergency health care.

Client: La Repubblica
Type: cover illustration
Year: 2021


CMYK 0 82 77 0

CMYK 0 32 43 0

CMYK 0 0 0 100

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