Tedx Vicenza | Illustration live painting

In Tedx Vicenza’s live broadcast of “The Other Binary,” I performed a live painting performance.

We found ourselves changing our plans, postponing the event but also coming to terms with a different life and world. We found ourselves on a different track.

Today, as never before, we need to rethink and build a new normal, a possible future that is not yet written. The challenge is open; it is up to us to decide whether to be passive spectators, or to bring our best ideas to bear to shape this future. Such great ideas that make us want to get off the couch to implement them!

The process of an illustration made especially for the event was observed, starting from the base (the sketch) to the final stages of the complete illustration.

Project: Same Binary and 2020
Type: Live Painting
Client: Tedx Vicenza
Year: 2020


CMYK 0 66 61 15

CMYK 21 4 27 0

CMYK 45 2 0 24

CMYK 93 96 29 23

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